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Your Opinion...Who Cares

As the title of this blog states, Your Opinion...Who Cares. It 's not that there aren't times when your opinion matters but when it comes to me and what I have going on in my life, I don't care what you think. There are people that no matter what you are doing or how you are doing it will run you into the ground and say anything negative that they can think of to bring you down. If you are doing good then they say you think you are better than they are or those around you. If you are doing bad they will tell that they knew you weren't going to be anybody. The funny thing is that these people won't say it to your face most of the time. You will hear it from someone else. That is the part the hurts the most and it is also why what they say doesn't matter.

Now not all opinions are negative. You also have those that will hype you up on your journey. Those are harder to ignore because it is "positive". But that is all it is. They don't necessarily tell you what you need to hear. Being too positive will set you up to fail just as much as being negative. Stay away from them too.

Then you have those "keepin' it real" people. They are too real for their own good. They are experts in everything and can tell you whey what you are doing is or isn't working although they have never done it or anything like it but they know it all.

These are some of the reason why I don't care about your opinion. Another reason and really the main reason is because THIS IS MY LIFE!!! You can and won't live it for me. You can have your opinion on what I should do and how I should do it but in the end it is me who has to do it and deal with the consequences of that choice. Therefore, if it me who has to deal with the end result then it should be me and how I feel that makes the decisions.

This life is mine and I only get one of them and I have to live it on my terms. Thanks for caring enough to share your opinion and in certain circumstances and topics it matters but life decisions are on me.

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