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Your Opinion...Don't Care

Everybody always has something to say. Whether what you do is good or bad, they have an opinion about the situation. What's cool about it is that people give it to you voluntarily without you even asking for it. They will give it to you when they feel it the best time for them to let you know. Doesn't matter what you are doing, it is when they are ready to give it to you. It is so important for them to give it to you that they will interrupt whatever you are doing to make sure you hear what it is they are thinking about you situation. People are so nice....

But seriously, everyone has an opinion and people need to realize that not everyone cares about what they have to say. I know that sounds harsh but I think if we take it to that extreme then maybe people would think before they decided share. What we need is for people to understand is that their opinion is exactly that, theirs and it doesn't always need to be shared, especially if it doesn't benefit anyone but you. If you just have to say it, then that means it is all about you and not helping the situation. There is a difference between your unneeded opinion and constructive criticism. Your opinion may start off something like, "If I were you" or "If that was me". Keep that to yourself. If you are commenting on what someone has done and what they can do it improve, then that would be helpful. Now don't get me wrong, just because it is constructive criticism doesn't mean you get to give it whenever you want to. If someone wants it, they will ask.

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