You Never Know

Growing up there was this song by Rockwell call "Somebody's Watching Me". It was a song that dealt with his paranoia about being watched in everything that he did. We used the chorus, "I always feel like, somebody's watching me" (sung by Michael Jackson), when we knew someone was in our business.

I have personally taken this song and realized that it is a fact. Not in the conspiracy theory type of way but more towards people are looking at what you do or what you say to learn from. I used the phrase "to learn from" for a reason. Sometimes we watch people to see what they are doing so we can take that same path or for inspiration that we can do it too. We also look at some people to see what not to do. There are some people that will always be in some type of trouble and we don't want to do that. We still use them for inspiration but inspiring us as to what not to do. So this song is right that someone is watching you but it's not spying, it's for inspiration. Anyone that has kids knows this to be a fact. I think it's funny we use the phrase with our kids, "Do as I say, not as I do." We all know that is not the way it works. They will become your mirror whether you want them to or not. They watch you so intensely that they even know the way you chew your food or how you look when you sneeze or there may be a look you have before you do or say something and they know it.

If you do not have kids you are not exempt. There is some young person or someone your age or older that is watching you. Has anyone ever had someone their senior stop you from doing something that they knew you were going to do based on past behavior? That means they have been watching you. They stop you because they care or they went down that path and don't want you to.