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You Have Purpose

You were on purpose so you have a purpose. I am not talking about on purpose from your parents, I am talking about on purpose from the Creator. Everyone created has a purpose. There is something that is inside of you that is needed to make this world a better place for someone. This writing is not about finding your purpose, that one will come later, this one is to tell you that you have purpose. You were not an accident or unplanned by the Creator. You are here at this time in history to make your mark. I am not saying that you are going to known to the world. What I am saying is that you are going to be known by someone and to that someone you are going to mean the world. Your life has purpose, you just have to believe that. You may not know specifically what it is that you are supposed to do but you are going to do something. You are going to be someone. You are going to make a difference in some way, shape or form. You matter. Don't you EVER think that you are a waste or that you don't matter or that no one cares about you. You have no idea how much this world needs you to be here right now and would not be the same if you weren't here. So believe that you matter. You have had and will have a profound affect on the people around you. There are people waiting to be touched by your style, personality, grind and whatever else it is that makes up you. Everything that you are is on purpose and for a purpose. Once again you may not see it right away but I promise the right person sees it and is being changed because of it. You just have to be the very best and genuine you. When God created you He just made one. One with a specific goal at this specific time. Hold your head up high and know that God created you on purpose and for a purpose.

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #Purpose

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