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You Got This!!!

Self-doubt is a horrible mindset to have. This means that you believe there is something you cannot do. What's interesting about that is that it is not a natural thing. My reference for this is the Bible where it tells us, God didn't give us the spirit of fear, or that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Those of course are true and should believe those. However, what I am referring to everyone has felt. That is the fearlessness of being a child. When we were children, there wasn't anything that we believed we couldn't do. To prove it, we tried it. If it didn't work the first, we didn't give up because we still had the belief that we could do it. We kept trying until we either accomplished it or we figured out that we actually couldn't do it. Coming to that realization didn't hurt our self esteem because we gave it our best shot. So we moved on to the next thing. I will admit, I didn't always let that go that easily, especially if I came close to doing it or I saw someone else do it. I would eventually try it again but not right away. It might be days, weeks, months or years but I would try it again.

So were did this fearlessness go. It went the way of parents or guardians being concerned with our safety. I completely understand that because that is their responsibility, but at the same time it made the kid that wasn't afraid to try anything, now start being cautious. Not because they didn't believe they couldn't but because they didn't want to get in trouble for doing something they were told not to do. Also, I am sure we have all heard the "stop that, you're going to hurt yourself". In our minds we were like, so what, it won't be the first or the last. But once again, they are only doing what they are supposed to do. Another thing that happened is that doubters started getting in our heads. Hearing people saying you could never do something so why try or you try it once and didn't get what you wanted, they now start to focus on the failure instead of the overall attempt and what it will take to do it again. This gets worse as we get older because we begin to tell ourselves that because it has been put in our heads for so long and the next thing you know, you are in your little box of safety and won't try anything that might disrupt your comfort.

So with that being said, I need us to go back to the childlike fearlessness. I will say use common sense when doing things but don't let fear and doubt be the only things that stop you. Those can be overcome with thoughts of being an overcomer. You may have to look back as some things that you have overcome before to build that confidence. Everything you need is in you. All you have to do believe that, tap into your childlike fearlessness and press through whatever is in front of you. Override, self-doubt with self-confidence. Remember, as a child, we didn't always get it right the first time, but we never stopped trying. Don't stop when it gets hard, you get harder and push yourself even more. Once again, You Got This!

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