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Who Were You

Now looking at the title, "Who Were You" it could go in two directions. One direction can be for us to take a look back on our lives and think about where we came from and how much we have changed. That is all well and good and will make a great blog, but that is not the route I am going. The route that I am taking is looking from today forward and thinking about how are we going to be remembered. This is not a morbid discussion on death. It is actually just the opposite. We are discussing life and living it to the fullest.

So, the question I want to ask you is how do you think people see you? I know I have said and will continue to say other people's opinion of you is exactly that, their opinion (See blog Your Opinion... Who Cares). What I am asking you is, are people seeing the real you? Once we have passed on and people talk about us are there going to be (2) different versions of us floating around and one does not match up with the other. When the conversations are had, will it seem like they are talking about two different people? Now don't get me wrong there are going to be things that family and close friends will know that co-workers will not but there has to be some common thread linking them together.

Also, are you doing things that will put a smile on your family's face when they think about you or will you be a passing thought? Are you spending QUALITY time with your family where you are enjoying each other and making memories or is it just QUANTITY time where you spend a lot of time in the same room but not doing anything with each other? (See Blog, Make Your Time Together Count)

So, what I am doing is asking you to answer the question, "Who Were You?" I want you to think about how you want to be remembered and look at what you are doing in your life right now and figure out if how you want to be remembered lines up with what you dong now. Am I doing the things that will have people talk about me the way I want to? Not in a puffed up, arrogant kind of why but in a "this is who I truly am and I want you to know this person, he's pretty cool," kind of way. If you don't know how people see you, ask, if you really want to know. Ask family and friends and tell them why. Once you get the feedback, review it and see what it says. If it is what you thought, great. If not, figure out where the disconnect is between who they think you are and who you really are. One of my new favorite phrases is, Control the Narrative. Control what people think about you. You are in control of your image and how you interact with people. You control your narrative. I will say I have seen this done in a negative and self gaining and that doesn't turn out well. What we are trying to do is to make sure that people are use the true me. (See video, Authentically You")

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