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Who's in Your Circle

Who you surround yourself is probably one of the most important things you can pay attention to. Like the world renowned speak Jim Rohn has said, "You're the average of the five people spend the most time with." So, when you evaluate who you spend the most time with, look and see how they affect your life. Are they adding to you, draining you or doing nothing for you? Do you see areas of your life improving? If so, who in your circle has pushed you to do so? Do you see yourself slipping into bad habits? Whose lead are you following? Are you doing nothing? Why are they allow this?

Who you surround yourself with is the key to who you live your life. I agree that the people you spend the most of your time with have a great influence on what you will become. I also believe that having different circles of friends is also important. I think having a different circle of friends for different areas of your life is good too. You need some that you can talk about personal issues with. These may not be the ones you talk family things with. These may not be the same ones that you talk business with. Which may not be the same ones that you talk spiritually to. Which may not be the ones you just hang out with for some guy time. You get the picture. There may be a different group of people that you hang out with depending on what you are trying to do. Now, I am not saying having these different groups gives you permission to have different personalities where if you with hanging with one group and ran into someone from a different group, they wouldn't recognize the person they

see. You still have to be true to who you are in the core. The reason you have these different groups is because you have many different interests and areas that you want to grow in and for most people, that doesn't happen with the same group of people. If you have one group of friends that meet all of your areas of concern, then you have found the unicorn sitting on a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You may have a group that does meet a few but there will always be something that you need a different viewpoint than your regular friends. It may not even be a friend focused group. Its purpose may be to push or educate others. Those are good because they don't care about your feelings, they just care are your success in whatever it is.

What I am challenging you to do is to evaluate your circle or circles and see what they bring to the table. I will say though, it is not allows beneficial to be the smartest one in the group. You need to learn to. So you may have to find an additional group that can push you. Don't leave the one because they still need your knowledge to push them. Don't be afraid to step of out of your comfort box to find others to help you grow. That is the only way to grow is to be uncomfortable. Also, once you look at your circles, how often do you meet? Do you just meet up and talk at other events or do you purposely get together to have discussion? You should schedule specific time to meet for that purpose that you you don't have to ease into the conversation, it is purpose of getting together. Let's make sure we are surrounding ourselves with those that elevate use and not hold us down.

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