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Who Are You

Who are you seems like a very simple question but it is not. If someone was to ask you that, your first response would be to give them your name. Then if they ask you again, you might give them your job title. If they ask you again, you may have an answer or you may ask them, "what do you mean?"

So I will pose the question to you a little different, "tell me about you." What makes you, you? What makes you different from everyone else? Are you different from everyone else? How did you develop into who you are today? I heard this saying about self identifying; "I'm not who I think I am. I'm not who you think I am. I am who I think you think I am." What that is saying is that I am being the image of me that I think you have of me in your head.

For some of us, that is what drives us. We want to be everything to everybody but in doing that we never become who we were meant to be. We try to fit this imaginary mold of what we think other people need us to be. So, I pose my question again, "Who are You?" Maybe another why to phrase that question is, "Why are you?" Why do you feel you are here? I will assure you, there is a reason. There is something that you have that is uniquely you and only you can give us that.

I am saying all of this to say, find you. Don't be who you think other people want you be. Don't try to be who someone else is. They are that way because of their journey. So, it's time to figure out who you are. For me, I was more confident in who I was when I was younger. My mind was freer and my cares as to what people thought didn't exist. Then, as I got older things that I got involved in begin to change that. I then became, my job or a member of an organization. It took has taken me some time but I am rediscovering who I am, and I like me. I will do another blog on that later because there are many times in my life when I had I a choice that would either give me independence to be me or stay where I was and be who I thought I needed to be for someone else. Needless to say, I didn't always make decisions that made me independent. That is part of rediscovering me and that is what I want for you. Find who you are. Make decisions that will help you grow into who you are supposed to be. Everyone may not like it but they will appreciate it because who you will become is who the world needs. We don't need you to duplicate someone else. We don't need (2) of somebody, we need one of you. Who Are You?

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