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True To Yourself

Simply put, be true to who you are. Your authentic self. The you that you were created to be. There are too many of us that are trying to be the next <insert name here> when you were created to be you and not like or almost like someone else. It's ok to look at someone to see how they may have done or not done something but that is not necessarily your way. When I talk to people and they tell me "this person tried it and it didn't work" or "someone told me this person treated them this way" or anything when they are basing their decision to do or not do something because of some one else's experience, I tell them They Are Not You. They don't have your mind, your spirit, your personality or any of the other things that make you unique. That is why I tell the youth that I deal with, "Do You". It is two simple words but they are powerful words. Stand on who you believe yourself to be. Don't let others talk you into being who they want you to be because you will be miserable and most importantly you will miss out growing into who you were created to be.

They say that "Imitation is the highest form of flattery". That is true and beneficial to the one that is being imitated but is extremely harmful to the one doing the imitating. They are constantly losing their identity because they change who they are based on what someone else is doing. They don't do things because they want to but because some one else is changing. Don't lose out on who you are and the blessing that you will be to someone else. I heard a saying on the radio and it said "If you are busy trying to be someone else, who is going to be you in your place". Basically, who's going to be you while you're trying to be someone else. This world needs you to be you and not a copy of someone else. If everyone copied everyone else this would be a very boring world. We need you personality, we need you visions, we need your mindset, your attitude, your drive, your "you". We need you. More importantly you need you. Be true to yourself.

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #truetoyourself #motivation

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