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Time... a Non Renewable Resource

There are a lot of things that we say have value to us, like family, friends, goals, dreams and even some material things like our home, car, bank accounts and anything else that you put value on. Those things do have some value but we never really pay attention to the most valuable thing and that is time. We don't look at time because it is something that just happens. We take for granted that we will have some of it. If you are blessed, you will but that doesn't mean that you put a value on it. Think on this, once time has passed, there is no getting it back. There is no do over. There is no undo button. It has passed and looking back at it doesn't change anything. So we should ask ourselves this question, "What are we doing with our most precision resource?" How are we using it? Are we being smart with our time or just wasting it. Those things that you say have value to them, how much of your time do you put towards them? That will tell you how important that something is. Are you letting other people waste it with meaningless things like unfruitful conversations, negative talk or anything that doesn't have growth potential? How many times have you said to yourself after watching a bad TV show, a bad video or bad conversation..."That's 30 minutes of my life I won't get back". As sarcastic as we were being it was a very true statement. We will never get that time back and now we regret the thing that we took part in. Sometimes we do and learn not to do it again or for some of us, we didn't learn the first and we say that same thing again after the event.

I want us to be more conscience of the time that we spending doing things. Who do we spend time with and what do we do? What activities do we spend time doing and how much dedicated time not leisurely? I know for me I have things that I want to do but don't truly make the time to do them. I have made other things a bigger priority or bluntly, more important, than the things I should be doing. Let's make the things that we say are important, important.

Lastly, let's not forget to enjoy the time that we are in. Enjoy your right now. I'm sure you've heard people say "The present is a gift, enjoy it." It is and do it. Enjoy your right now. Let's try not to regret wasting time doing something that we shouldn't have. Enjoy ever moment that we have but we never know when we won't have any more. Take advantage of today.

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses

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