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Stop Thinking About It and Do It

Are you tired of not making any progress? Are you tired of thinking about doing something and it not happening? Are you tired of the same ole same ole? GOOD!!! Do something about it. Stop being tired and be active. Stop having thoughts of things changing and make things change.

Unfortunately for some of us we have to get to the point of frustration before we will actually do something. If that is the case for you, I hope you are there. I hope you are so tired of things being the way the have been for too long. You have said to yourself that you are going to eat better, workout more, get my finances together, take my marriage to the next level, take my connection with God to the next level, take my career to the next level... you fill in the blank. The problem is, is that it has all been talk. You haven't done anything to make any of those things happen or maybe have be it wasn't a real effort. You did something that one for that short period of time and you call that an effort. I just call it an "F". If you want something to change you have to put something behind it. I like to say "put some legs underneath it." Give it the ability to move and then move it along. I did a video on this just the other day and it was also called "Stop Thinking About it and Do It".

The word "change" is a verb. That means it is an action word. That means it is telling you to do something. Stop making excuses as to why you are not doing something and do. It is funny how we are easy to hold other people to their word, but we won't hold ourselves to our word. Stop being frustrated with yourself and become proud of the progress you are making. But in order to be proud, you have to start.... READY, SET...., GO!!!!

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #MakeaChange #WordsByWimberly

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