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Real Change is Mental

I am looking at all that is going on from the COVID-19 restrictions to the Racial Injustice changes and thinking a little deeper than what we are seeing. Changing policies and setting up different regulations is great. These are things that are supposed to govern how we conduct ourselves. I think the majority of people understand and will comply with the things that make sense. But as we see there are people who no matter what you tell them or how much it is proven that it will help things get better they will not conform. By you telling them what to do, which is what laws do anyway, they will fight back. Not only will they fight back the will use existing laws to justify why they are not conforming. Before I move forward, let me address the thoughts on conforming. As soon as that word is used, some people immediately think that you are taking away their right to choose. This is not the case in these situations. I do believe there are laws and legislation that do take that right away or even "unwritten rules" that do that, but that is for another day. What is being put in place for the COVID-19 is for the health and safety of you and those you come in contact with. Basically, life and death. No, everyone that gets it is not going to die but who said you won't or one of your loved ones that you give it won't. Also, it has been proven here and around the world that some of the restrictions that are set up have helped. Yet and still, people are protesting that. Not just by not doing it, but by going to some of the capitals and protesting because they were asked to stay in the house so the virus won't spread as much. "You can't control me."

We see similar things with the Social Injustice movement. There are people who don't see there being a problem so they don't agree with what is going on. They look at it as a single event that was blown out of proportion. They are trying to bring up George Floyd's past as justification for killing him. What they fail to realize is that this is bigger than George. He was straw that broke the camel's back. This has been going on since before Blacks were freed. There has always been rules and regulations that restricted what we could do and of course the unwritten rules that kept the "The Negroes" in their place. Guess what, although things have changed some of those same rules still exist, spoken or unspoken... and some of us still live by them, intentionally or unintentionally. Some of the unwritten rules have just been passed down from generations.

Now let me get to the real issue as to why these things are still in place. The reason is the MIND have never changed. There can be laws and regulations that are beneficial to everyone but you will always have people who believe they are above the law or it doesn't apply to them. What they fail to realize is that these are in place because of people like them who think they are better than everyone else. At the same time some of us allow the unwritten rules govern our behavior. We allow let things go by because it is better if we don't make any noise or rock the boat or take that risk. In both instances, there is a mental hurdle that needs to be overcome. Both need to do a self-evaluation as to who they really are. One to humble themselves and the other to have confidence in themselves. Ultimately, change is going to happen when we change our thinking. We have to begin the process of breaking loose our minds and preconceived notion as to who we are and understand what our true worth is. Without mindset changes, all the things that we are seeing right now will be useless because if someone thinks they are above the law or held down by the law then there is no progress. You can only go and achieve as much as your mind allows you to.

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