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Personal Celebration

We have made it through most of the week and we should still be celebrating. I realized that I emphasized in my video that we celebrate businesses, but I didn’t mean to leave off the accomplishments that we have as far as person growth. That is even more important than business. When you do something for yourself it feels even better. So, I want to take this time and celebrate all those that have personal achievements. It doesn’t matter how large or small we are celebrating. If, you lost weight or gained the weight that you wanted, we celebrate you. If you completed a home project, we celebrate you. If you grew closer to your family during this time, we celebrate you. If you started or finished school, we celebrate you. (I will be doing a podcast for our youth and young adults on Friday). If you ate better, dressed better, cleaned out your closet, checked something off your "To Do List", created a "To Do List", created a budget, got rid of stress in your life, read a book or started one, starting writing your own book, or made a plan to do something, we celebrate you. Heck, if you are Blessed to see another day, we celebrate you. This is all about celebration. Find a reason to celebrate you, you deserve it.

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