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Outlast Your Struggle

We have all heard the phrases, "trouble don't last always" or "weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning" or "the storm is passing over" or something like those. What do they all have in common? They are telling you that whatever you are going through or struggling with is temporary. Where you are isn't where you are going to me. It may be rough right now but hold on. You could be right on the edge of your break through. You have been fighting your addiction, your negative mindset, your low self esteem, your lack of motivation or whatever your struggle is and it is not time to give up. The key to that statement is you have been fighting. As long as you are fighting, there is hope. You always hear the phrase, "I am going through a storm" but you don't hear the phrase "I am standing in a storm". You don't want to stay in a bad situation, you want to get through it. It doesn't matter if you just got in the storm or have been in a storm, the good news is that you will come through it. You will get wet, and you may have all kinds of obstacles in your path to getting through it but make sure they are only obstacles and don't become a dead end that you stop at. If you need to reach out to someone while going through your storm, do it.

For those that have hit a road block, don't give up on yourself. Get up and give yourself another chance. It is never over until you give up and that should never happen. There may be situations that may seem out of your control, but they are not. As long as you are thinking about it there is a way out of it. It may not be easy but it will be worth it. If you know someone that has dealt with what you have dealing with, reach out. Most people are more than willing to help others because they are so proud they got through it. You may not know anyone that has gone through what you are going through but be assured that someone has. That is why there are so many support groups and hotlines. Be the first that you know you that has defeated what you have defeated. It could be drugs, alcohol, money problems, eating disorders, self esteem, procrastination, complaining, negative thinking or whatever but you have to call it out and recognize that you it is there. Once you recognize it is there, then you are back in the fight. You put that thing on notice that you see it and we be coming for it.

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure why I went down this road with this topic because is not where I was going but this is where I was led. I Pray that these words helped someone now or in the future. When God gives you something to say you have to say it. That is one of my struggles is executing what has been placed in my spirit. I am working on that.

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