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No Plan B

When we are making plans for what it is that we want to do most of us create a backup plan or a "Plan B". This type of planning can undermine our efforts to really accomplishing our main goal or our "Plan A". This is because we have the mind set that we have something to fall back on just in case "Plan A" doesn't work. We actually start focusing on "Plan B" more than "Plan A" because it is a safer path and it is something that we are pretty confident we can do. We don't make "Plan B" anywhere close to being as hard or complex as "Plan A" because we don't want to struggle or have the potential to fail with our back up. We are very comfortable with "Plan B". So what we do is put in half hearted effort into "Plan A" because "Plan B" is just waiting for us to "settle" for it. It is the crutch that we use even though we don't actually need it. That makes our efforts counter productive. "Plan A" never has a chance of coming to pass because by nature we want to take the safe route. We don't want to be challenged or face any type of obstacle to get to a goal. We want it easy and comfortable. That is our problem, we get too comfortable and don't challenge ourselves. So here is the challenge...

NO PLAN B!! Don't make a backup plan or a fallback path. You have to move forward with your "Plan A". There is no other option. You have to press forward with "Plan A". You have to figure it out. If there isn't a way, make one. If there isn't a path, create one. If no one has ever done it, be the first. There is always a first in something, why do you have to wait until someone else does it to do it. You be the pioneer, you be the explorer, you be the inventor, you be the innovator. You can do it you just have to push yourself. You won't push yourself if you have a safer option or "Plan B". "Plan B' will hinder your creativity and stunt your success. You will get satisfied with just doing "Plan B" and just getting by. You will tell yourself that it just wasn't meant to be or even worse you'll tell yourself that you gave it your best shot and it just didn't work out. I bet you won't look yourself square in the eye in the mirror and say that to yourself and believe it. You know you didn't give it your best because of the "Plan B" that you are in right now.

So once again, my challenge to you is to only make a "Plan A", NO "PLAN B"! Put all your effort into making it come to pass instead of having that thought in the back of your mind, I've got this if I don't get "Plan A" to work. No you don't. You don't have anything else and act like it. Get your "Plan A" together and get busy!

#NoMoreExcuses #ReadySetGo #NoPlanB

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