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No More Excuses

In our lives we will be faced with many different situations that we have to address. With each situation we a choice to make as to how we deal with it. Some things are easy and can be dealt with pretty easily. Other things are not as easy and it may take some time to address. With those situations, we tend to put them off and give ourselves justification as to why we did or didn't do something. It comes up again, another excuse. And again and another excuse and you keep doing that until there are no more excuses to give. Well, that is the place that we need to start is at that place where there are No More Excuses.

We need to stop giving ourselves justification as to why we did or didn't do something. So to help ourselves our, I want us to look at each of the situations that we are avoiding and write down why we are really avoiding it. Don't write down the lame excuses that you have been giving yourself but the actual reason you have in your head. Is it fear of failure, fear of success, fear of confrontation, fear of rejection, fear of public opinion, laziness, procrastination, it's not important enough, it cost too much... whatever it is. Now I want you to take your excuse(s) and read it out loud and then tell yourself, "I'm better than this", "This goal or situation is too important for me not to act on it", "The stress of this situation is weighing too much on me and completely unnecessary", "This affects other people as well so I need to do something about it" or whatever is necessary to get you to move on this thing. It's time to take control.

We are quick to give ourselves an out because we look at a situation and the only results that we run through in our head are the failures and negative ones. We hardly ever go through the successful scenarios or positive outcomes. We need to start doing that because what happens most of the time is that the results are favorable and it wasn't as difficult as we thought it would be. We need to adopt the No More Excuses mindset and get busy. We have wasted enough time and passed on too many situations. No More Excuses! It is time to get busy living our lives. No More Excuses! It is time to take the next steps in what we have before us. No More Excuses! It's time to do what we feel we have been called to do and stop worrying about what others may think. No More Excuses! The only opinion that matters is yours because only you can live your life. No More Excuses! Stop letting outside influences control your thoughts and actions. No More Excuses! Be true to you. No More Excuses! Time to crush it. No More Excuses! Free yourself. No More Excuses! Put in the work. No More Excuses!

See you at the next level.

No More Excuses! No More Excuses! No More Excuses!

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses

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