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"No" Don't Hurt

Throughout our lives we are going to hear "No" more times than we can count. I also pretty sure that we will hear "No" more than we will hear "Yes". Since before we could understand the word we have heard it. Our parents told us "No" when they didn't want us to touch something as they were hitting our hands. It was a disciplinary "No" If we didn't know what "No" actually meant we knew that it would usually come at the same time we were getting hit. Then as we got older and understood "No" we began to hear it when would ask if we could go outside and play (I know that's old school) or if we could play our video games (new generation), have a cookie, have friends over, have that expensive pair of shoes or clothes or something like that. Then as we began to get older and started liking the opposite sex we started to hear it differently. It was more of a rejection "No". That was more of an emotional "No" Although the disciplinary "No" hurt it wasn't quite the same as this one. With this one we put ourselves out there with hope of a positive response. That wasn't always the case, hence the emotional "No" that we have to deal with and sometimes it was followed by being made fun of by "friends" or even strangers if they knew you were told "No". This "No" we are in more control of so if we think a "No" is going to come, we just avoid it.

As we started to reached the end of our high school years going into college and even after college going into adulthood, we also heard "No". We may have heard it from a school that we were trying to get into or a scholarship that we applied for. We also hear it when we apply for jobs and they tell us "No". These "No's" are also on a different level. This is a "I'm not good enough" emotional "No". These can sting and mess with your self esteem. We go down the path of "Whoa is me".

I could continue, but why? I am not here to talk to you about how the "No's" in our life negatively affect us. I'm here to tell you how we shouldn't let them affect us. Hearing "No" is a part of life as I briefly talked about. My statement to you and myself is to get over it an move on. Next time you hear "No" I want you to step back, take a look at yourself and see if there are any injuries to you physically. Then get to a mirror or look at yourself in your phone and ask yourself, am I ok. It may have been disappointing to hear that but is it going to stop you. Your answer MUST be "NO". You have too much ahead of you let a "No" stop your train. Just because someone tells you "No" doesn't mean that is the end. Those are stepping stones and an opportunity for someone else to get the chance to see how great you are. The right person will see what you have and want it. This doesn't just go for job and school but also for relationships. Not everyone is for you. Accept that but understand that someone is. You will get in front of the right person and they will be happy to work with you, have you in their school or in their life in a relationship.

Remember, "No" is a single answer to whatever you are doing. It doesn't speak for everyone. So don't let one answer stop you from moving forward. Your reaction to a "No" should not be negative towards the person and definitely not to yourself. Say to yourself, "that's cool, you're going to miss out on the greatness that will soon be revealed. Sorry for your luck." Don't make a long term, life changing decision based a single person's view point. The only one that matters is yours. Make it positive. Don't miss out on all the things that are in store for you because you are dwelling on what someone's opinion is. They will stop you from reaching your true potential. No one should possess the power to stop you but you. Don't get in your way with by worrying about the "No's" that WILL come your way. Shake the dust off your feet and keep moving.

No's don't Hurt

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #NoDontHurt

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