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Next Phase Preparation

It is amazing how we are all reacting differently to Covid-19 virus also known as "The Coronavirus". We see evrything from people are barricading themselves inside their houses to people acting like it doesn't exist or they will never get infected and everything in between. No matter where you are in that spectrum, one thing is certain, the world will never be the same after this. Whenever something affects the entire world and at this point pretty much has shut it down. Nobody is really flying for business or leisure, hotels are empty, tourist attractions have no tourist, people are getting laid off, kids are out of school probably for the rest of the year and so much more is going on. It looks like and sometimes feels like there is no end in sight. Whether it is in sight or not, there is an end coming. There will be a stabilization coming at some point. I don't know when and no one does right, know when that is coming but it is coming. So my question to you is, how are you going to be different when this is over?

Once again, this crisis will end and life will continue but what will be your new normal? How are you preparing for life after "The Coronavirus"? Are you doing things to make you and your family better? Since we have nothing but time now at home, starting doing things that will make you better. I have mentioned before, there are many resources out there that we can use to improve ourselves. There are online class that are free or of little cost. You can get certificates for online training classes that you take and for some even get certifications. Although there is no shop classes you can take you can always "tinker" with things in your garage. Hardware and auto parts stores are open. YouTube has videos that show you how to do pretty much anything. For some that are laid off, this is the perfect time to try a different career. Get the training, take the classes do whatever you can at this point to get your self out in front. Don't sit around, and don't anyone around you sit around, and have pity parties. That is a one person party that no one wants to be invited to. There is too much opportunity out there right. Even if it is not a career change it may be something that you were interested in but "never had the time" to do.... now you do. I have a few things that I am going to really take the time to learn about to try and create multiple streams of income.

All I am saying is that when this is over, be ready. Come out on top of this not the bottom. As we used to say when we were talking trash to each, "There ain't nothing standing in front of you but air and opportunity". (I know it was actually "standing between us"but that that doesn't work here.) In other words, take a few minutes and figure out what you want to do to make you and your family better and do it. The opportunity is available and the time is now.

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #ThisTooShallPass #GetPrepared #BePrepared #NewNormal

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