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Make Your Time Together Count

In my last blog I mentioned not taking those around you for granted and spending time with family. This was before the tragic helicopter crash that killed the following (9) people: Kobe Bryant (41), Gianna Bryant (13), Alyssa Altobelli (13), John Altobelli (56), Kerry Altobelli (46), Christina Mauser (38), Sarah Chester (45), Payton Chester (13) and Ara Zobayan (50). I wanted to mention all the names because unfortunately we loose focus of the other ones that were on killed because one of our basketball greats and his daughter were killed. Now don't get me wrong it hurts to think about a man in the prime of his life and the world in the palm of his hands and his family by his side is now gone. I do however want us to also realize there are is a son/brother and daughter/sister without either parent and their sister, a husband and (3) daughters (3, 9 and 11 years old) without their wife/mother, a husband/father and son/brother without their wife/mother and daughter/sister and all the other family members that didn't live in the house and all the friends, students, classmates, teammates and any other relationship that they had. Just for a moment I want to take the celebrity piece of this away and focus on the relationship piece. These families lost very important pieces of their families and they will never be the same. It's not about the fame or fortune because I bet that if they could trade it all in to have their loved one back they would. What they lost is irreplaceable and they will have to live their life with that missing piece.

So what I want us to do is cherish each other. Make your time together count. Make memories because they will out live you. The memories that these families have will help them get through because unfortunately they won't be able to make anymore. But you will and I tell you to start today! We hear it all the the time "tomorrow is not promised" and just a few days ago that saying hit us square between the eyes. So don't wait. I know I tell us to pursue our dreams and goals but it you listen to everything that I am telling you I am never telling you to sacrifice your family to do so. You have to make time for them because when you do reach your goal you want them around to celebrate with you and not feel like it replaced them. So take time, watch TV, play games, cook together, go shopping, go to the movies, go for a walk or drive, sing, dance, act goofy or whatever it is they like to do, do it. It will mean the world to them because you took time for them. And take plenty of pictures and videos so that you all can relive it anytime you want. These things are for your family not social media. That should not the focus. If you choose to share that's fine but don't take them just to share. Your memories are yours. Also, when I say "them" I am referring to your entire family not just your kids but your spouse/significant other too. Make sure they know how important they are to you and how much you love them. There should never be a day that you don't say that to them and for your kids it doesn't matter how old they are, do it.

Last thing, my priority levels: God, Family, everything else. Your family is a precious gift to you. Treat them that way.

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #FamilyFirst #MakeMemories

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