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Let Your Frustration Drive You

How many of us get frustrated? I actually laughed after I wrote that be if there isn't any other rhetorical questions, that is it! We all get frustrated at some point. Whether it is someone cutting you off while driving, someone drive too slow in the left lane on the highway, your food being wrong from the drive thru and you don't realize it until you are at home and don't feel like going out; there is not enough milk in the jug to have a bowl of cereal; you spilled something on your white shirt, new shirt, favorite shirt, new shoes; you forgot your favorite show switched nights and times that it comes on... you get the picture. There are soooo many things in life that will frustrate you. My question is, what do you do? I know when I am frustrated when I am driving a drive faster... I mean I heard that is what people do. And to make it worse the person that you were in such a hurry to get past gets off at the same exit as you and is right next to you in the turn lane. That makes it worse... Other situations cause different reactions. I have a specific one for you though. What do you do when you frustrated with yourself for not: applying for a specific job and they gave to someone less qualified than you and now they make more money than you, invest in a company you heard about and their profits went thru the roof or just simply did not take advantage of a situation that was right in front of you.

So first let's talk about the root cause of why we didn't... fear. We were scared because the outcome was unknown. If we continue to let that fear and doubt live in our minds then we will continue to miss out on things and continue to frustrate ourselves. Have faith and step out and do something.

So what do we do with the frustration that we have? It's easier to deal with frustration when some else causes it, but what do we do when we are the cause of our frustration? We have to live with it and deal with it. We have that horrible feeling in our gut because we didn't do what we knew we should have. The key is accepting that feeling and then converting that in to action. We don't like that feeling so we make sure we don't feel this way again. It's like getting burned and hating that feeling but continuing to do it although it causes you pain but you expect it to stop at some point. Insanity!!! Do something different so that you don't get the same frustrating results. I don't mind being frustrated because something didn't work that I tried because at least I tried and I can learn from it. If I do nothing the only lesson is, doing nothing gets me nothing and nowhere.

Let your frustration drive you to take action. Do Something.

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