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Lessons From Childhood

When we were younger people were always putting little words of encouragement in our heads. We may not have always realized it because they were disguised in songs or in movies, TV shows or books. Here are a few examples.

The Little Engine That Could taught us to never give up no matter hard things may get. If you believe you can nothing can stop you.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf taught us to not take advantage of people by lying to them all the time because when you really need them, they won't believe you.

Dumbo taught us it's ok to be different. Our differences is what makes us special.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town taught that in order to make progress we have to "Put One Foot in front of the Other"

Lion King taught us to learn from our past even if it hurts so we don't make the same mistake.

There are sooo many more things that I can mention but these are just a few.

We have always been given things that should inspire us. When I look back at some of the things that I watched, listened to or read, there is always something to take away from it. We were encouraged to always do our best. Like mentioned before, it may have been disguised at first but it stuck. Like my post earlier this week, Good, Better, Best was a chant that we did. We would say it and sometimes get tired of it but it was one thing that we pulled on when things were tough for us. It told us to not be satisfied with where we are. Strive to do and be better.

Let us remember the things that we were taught and put them in practice today. Let's also encourage our youth to do the same. The principles that we learned are still valid today.

If you remember one from when you were growing up, add it to the comments.

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