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I'm Blessed

This won't be long but I wanted to express what I feel.

There are so many reasons that I can say sass to shy I feel Blessed. I can talk about my wife, who is a true Blessing in my, my daughter, who is a gift from God, my Mom and Dad who have been great examples throughout my life, my sisters who are irreplaceable parts of my and I could go on and on about my family and close friends and how important they are in my life... but that's not what this is about.

This post is about how God uses people to let you know that you are doing what you need to be doing although you may not see it. This has happened to me since I made my Birthday post about getting started and kicking off my new website and wanting to do it on my birthday not the new year and what we all can do. I have had comments on Facebook, Linked In, my website and even better, in person. Just simple words like, Keep encouraging us, Thank You for what you said, That was great, I needed that and I even had a lady at church tell me that she watches them on Facebook but doesn't "Like" them but really enjoys them. This had been great for me. It's not that I'm looking for a pat on the back I'm just glad to know that I am helping others. This is my Blessing and it encourages me to continue to press on harder and try to reach more people.

So my Blessing is my Village, my Community, my Network and everyone that I reach. Thank you all and I will continue to do what God places on my heart and in my spirit. More to come soon.

Pray for me and I for you.

Be Blessed and a Blessing

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