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I Dare You!!

I dare you!! That was all it took for you to do something when you were a kid. Although we were scared and didn't really want to do it, if you were dared you found the strength and courage to do it. Most of the time when you did it, it ended up not being that hard or scary. As we got older it became the game of Truth or Dare. Either way, you were going to do something that you were uncomfortable doing but just like when you were a kid, you found the strength and courage to do it. So what do we call it now that we are adults? NOTHING! We are don't do the things that make us uncomfortable anymore. We don't have the Childlike Dare Courage anymore or pressure from our peers anymore. You know what, that is too bad. As children we were risk takers and adventurers. Now we over analyze and have a box that we live in. I want us to change that.

I am now going to take us back...I am now issuing a dare to everyone reading this. I DARE YOU to pursue you dream. To begin to take the steps needed to make it come true whether it is writing down a plan, reading up on it or asking someone that is already doing it about it. I DARE YOU to treat your spouse better than you ever have before. Do something special for them, listen to them, ask them out on a date...something that you have never done or haven't done in a while. Let them know you still think they are special. I DARE YOU to do something for yourself. Take some "Me Time" and chill or go shoot some pool, hang out with some friends, binge watch a show, read a book...something for you. One more dare. I DARE YOU to put action behind your words. Stop saying things and not doing anything. Stop making empty promises, although they may not have started that way they ended up that way. It's time to do things differently and make some changes. There are so many other Dares that we can do so you find yours and Dare yourself to do it and have the childlike courage to do it. And if the Dare is not enough, I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #IDareYou

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