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How Committed are You?

This is a very simple question but it has a complex answer. Our reflex answer it "I'm fully/totally committed". That sounds great but, how do we define fully/totally committed? Is it when we eat, sleep and dream about what it is that we want to do? Is it when all we ever talk about it that thing? These (2) things I just mentioned aren't it. The reason I say that is because there is no action yet. We can't say we're committed to something and we haven't actually done anything to pursue it.

Ok, so is it when we spend all our "free time" working on it? Is it when we stay up late or wake early to work on it? I would have to say no, but with an asterisk next to it. (I will talk about that in just a moment.) I know it sounds great when we say "I get up a 4 a.m. to work on my dream" or say "that's all I do when I get home". I am not saying that we don't do that and at first it may even be productive but after sometime and the "newest" and "excitement" wears off then us getting at 4 a.m. is not as appealing. We aren't seeing results in the time frame that we expected. Now working all evening and missing out on events doesn't seem as worth it as it was when we first started. We still get up at 4 a.m. and work until 7 a.m. but what is really going on for those 3 hours? Or we still "work" on it from the time we get off until we go to bed and we still stay up late. Once again what are we really doing for all that time? Is it productive or are we just doing it so we can still say we spend a lot time on our dream. That is the asterisk that I was talking about. I am not saying that we don't get up early or stay up late or spend all our free time on it. I am simply asking if we are is still productive? During that time are we focused on what we need to or is our mind wondering to other things? Out of the 6 - 8 hours we spend on our dream how much is really productive?

Can we get done that same amount of work in 3 - 4 hours if we truly focus during that time? What that does is free us up for other things and still be productive towards our dream. If we get things done in 3 - 4 hours and we figure out more that we can do, then we still have time to do it. If we need to go to an event or just take some time for ourselves or our family then we can and not feel like we are neglecting our dream. It will take a lot of stress off of ourselves. We are productive in pursuing our dream and present for our family.

Don't just do things so that we can say we did something. We have to make the time we spend count. This doesn't just go for our dreams, it also goes for family time, time at work, time working out or anything that requires effort and time on our part. Whatever we do, make the time we spend doing it count. Don't go through the motions just to say we spend time doing something and there is nothing to show for it.

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