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Have Fun

Life is great, why aren't you enjoying it? I know that we are busy trying to accomplish our dreams and goals and that is great but I don't want us to get so caught up in doing that that we don't take some time and enjoy life. I know that a lot of us are doing things to try to make a better life for our family and for the future but in all that don't forget to be present. There needs to be a day that you, an evening, a few hours whatever is necessary that you put everything down and enjoy yourself. If you have a family, do something as a family, NO WORK!! Your family understands that you are working and will leave you alone but don't become separated from them where they are use to you not being there. I remember when I was in my very early 20's and I was co-oping at this engineering firm. There was this lead engineer by the name of Kevin McKee and was/is a Christian, as I, so we would talk often. One year he want to this men's conference called Promise Keepers. When he got back he starred me right in the face and told me that I was going with them next year. So I did and I went a few additional years after that. One of those years there was this business man who was very successful but spent a lot of time away from home. Well his young daughter had an art project as school and it was to draw a picture of her family. She drew her Mom, her sibling the house and even the pet. When she brought it home she proudly showed it to her Dad. He looked at it and thought it was great. Then he realized he wasn't in it. He asked her where he was in the picture. He response was, "Daddy's at work". That tore him apart because she didn't see him as a functional and present person in the home. She saw the pet as a more present person at home than Dad. From that day forward everything changed. He stopped working so much overtime, he was present when he was home and thinking about or wishing he was at work. That has stuck with me and I said that I would never be that Dad. I said I won't to be so caught up in work that I miss being a part of my family. That was over 25 years ago and I still stick by that. My job does take me out of town sometimes and I do have to work late sometimes but I make sure that I am there and they feel that.

If you don't have a family do something that you enjoy that is not work related. If you don't have any thing else that you do, find something. Everyone needs an outlet that they can do to break away and relieve some stress. You cannot just work all the time it is not healthy. For me, when I am not spending time with my family, I like to play pool, golf, go to concerts, listen to music...something that I don't do all the time. I even go a PlayStation for Christmas truly break away from reality. I suck at all the games I play and sometimes it does cause me stress but it is a different stress than working. Fine your thing. You can even learn something else like a new language or how to play an instrument or even take up painting. Just do something for yourself and have fun!!!

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #HaveFun

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