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Hard Work Pays Off

We always hear from people, "your hard work will pay off", but don't always believe that, especially while we are doing the hard work. We sometimes think, "this is not worth it", "this is too hard", "this is too much work", "how is this going to benefit me", and I'm sure many other ones. When we are going through the rough time and hard time it is never easy and it is not supposed to be. Those times come to you to see if you really want it. If it was easy then you would do it and not really care or enjoy it because it was too easy. As much as we say we don't like it, we all enjoy a challenge. I know some of you just read that and said "No I don't, Yes you do. We don't like it while we are going through it but we truly enjoy the results when we are done. We look back at the journey we took to get to where we are and understand the hard work it took to get to here and how great it feels to have accomplished what we set out to do.

This is manifesting itself within my household right now. I have (2) people in my house that have been going through it over the last couple of years but are at the finish line of this leg of their journey. My daughter, Taylor Wimberly, is a graduating Senior from Princeton High school. Over the last year and a half of her school year, Covid-19 can and changed all her plans around. Just like other students and schools, they went from in person school to remote learning overnight. They went on Spring Break last year and didn't return for the rest of the year. Then this year they alternated weeks of in person learning and remote learning. Being her Senior Year, she wasn't able to do a lot of the things that you normally do as a Senior, like hanging with your friends in school, at games, senior activities and on and on. But she adapted. She did not drop her GPA, when she did have struggles she figured out how to overcome them. Now on May 16, 2021 she will be a High School Graduate!!! I am so excited.

In addition to my daughter, my wife, Simone Wimberly, has finished up her schooling and will receive her Masters Degree from Mississippi College. Her struggle was real too. She had to somehow be a wife, mother, career woman, entrepreneur, and a student, that was no job. Trying to balance those things was no easy feet and we supported her in any way that we could. There were long days and nights getting things completed and turned in on time and there were some nights when she wanted to throw in the towel. We made it through those moments and now on May 8, 2021 she will be graduating with her Masters Degree.

These (2) struggles are different but the end result is overcoming and pressing to the finish line. No it was not easy but it was worth it in the end. I couldn't be prouder of them both and what they have accomplished. I am excited for what is next in their lives.

Don't stop when it gets hard, press your way through it. The reward is so much bigger than the pain.

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