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Expect What You Ask For

I find it really funny that we spend our whole lives striving to accomplish somethings or reach a specific milestones and we act surprised when the opportunity comes for us to get what we asked for or it finally happens for us. Why? We have been asking for it, but never thought it was going to happen, so we never prepared for it. Why not? Why ask for something and not believe that you will get it? If you are doing what is needed to obtain what it is you want, why don't you believe that you will have it? Is everything that you are doing just going through the motions with no outcome expected? If so, then my question once again is, why are you doing it. You are wasting your time and money and the time and money of anyone investing in you. You are also telling yourself that you don't believe that you can accomplish what you are really want. It is all a dream never to become a reality.

Change your mind. Release yourself of that negative thinking which creates negative actions. You have to opportunity to achieve what you put in front of you. The Wright Brothers set out to learn how to fly. Where they excited when it finally happened? Of course they were but they were prepared because all the actions they took where in an effort to accomplish that goal. If you want to make a team and you are putting in the work to make it, you shouldn't be caught off guard when you make it. You have worked for it now be prepared for the results. If you are working towards your goal, why are you surprised when you have the opportunity to accomplish it. I have always wanted to own my own business and I was presented with (2) opportunities to do so but I was not prepared. I had the dream but not the mindset to handle it when the opportunity was presented to me. I don't want that for you. Set your goal and how you are going to handle it when you get it. Figure out the beginning and end and work on the middle to connect the two.

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