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Enjoy Yourself

I know that a lot of times we do focus on the things in our lives to get to the next level in whatever we do. We push ourselves to the limits and beyond to try and get to where we feel we are supposed to be. I have and will continue to encourage you to do that because we all want that next level success. What I am also going to emphasize is that you take some time and enjoy yourself. This could be taking some quality time and spend it with your family, it could be taking some time and hanging out with your friends. It could be going to the movies. It could even be enjoying the journey that you are on to get to the next level. No matter what it is, enjoy yourself. You deserve to take some time for yourself and enjoy this moment in your life. This moment will only come around once and you will never get it back so enjoy where you are. Life is precious and we only get to go around one time. I heard this phrase by a Christian Hip Hop Artist, Da'Truth and he said, "Once the moment has past, the moments the past". Simply stated, once it's gone it's gone and there nothing you can do about it then. But if you are doing things that assist you in pursuing your dreams and enjoying your life when you look back on what you did you will have positive memories and not lost opportunities. There is one other phrase from a song that I like and it is from Will Smith. It says "I living loving, loving living it's all good I'm loving living it's all good" When I first heard this I loved it. I actually made a flyer with that phrase on it and put it above my desk. It is simple but powerful. I living my life loving those around me and I loving living my life. Life is good. Life is precious. Life is to be enjoyed. Don't get so caught up in pursuing your dreams that you don't Enjoy Yourself!!

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #EnjoyYourself

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