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Enjoy Your Time

As this country and a lot of the world is going on lock down, and we are spending a lot of time home with our family, enjoy that time. I know it is an inconvenience for our kids to be home and some of us working from home and restaurants not allowing you to dine in, but I don't want us to look at this in that negative view point. Look at it as a time to spend time with the people that mean the most to you. We always complain about their not being enough hours in the day and being so busy, well not is the time to take advantage of being on lock down. There are no sports on TV or for your kids, movie premiers are being delayed, any conferences are being postponed. The only thing you have left to do is spend time with your family. Do the things that you have been meaning to do. Sit down and talk, play video games (although I suck, it's still fun) or board games, read, binge watch a show, what a movie you've been meaning to watch, cook together (this can be interesting and a lot of fun) make silly videos and post them or just save them for memories, whatever it is do something. Take advantage of this time. Now I am not saying spend every minute together but don't spend every minute apart.

It's funny, as my screensaver on my monitors I have slide show of pictures that I love. Memories that we have made. Periodically my wife or my daughter will come in and see one of the pictures and the phrase "I remember that" comes out then we take a walk down memory lane. It is always fun to talk about that and then one of the next phrases is either "We should do that again" or "I can't believe I did that". Either way it is something we remember and will always have with each other.

This nation wide shut down that is happening can be a blessing in disguise. Make this time count because you will be mad at yourself when you look back and realized what you could have done with this time and you didn't. Start doing something that will last beyond this lock down and becomes part of your family traditions. There is so much that can be down right now to make you closer and stronger as a family. If your family is your everything, then prove it during this time.

What I would like for you all to do is as you are making memories, take pictures and send them to me with a caption as to what you are doing and at the end of the week I will create a blog with everyone's memories. You can send them to Let's do this!!! Let's have fun!!!

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #QualityTime #FamilyMatters

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