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Don't Resize Your Dream

A comfort zone is a safe place to reside. It is where everything that is happening makes us feel comfortable. We feel like we are in control. Being in the comfort zone is good for somethings in your life like your safety and your family's safety.

Other areas of your life need to make you uncomfortable, if you want them to grow. If you want to build muscle, you have to make your muscles uncomfortable by pushing them beyond where they are now with more weight and reps. If you want to have more knowledge you have to studying longer and you are use to and get information from areas that you normally wouldn't. If you want your finances to grow you have begin to save, invest, pay down debt and stop spending money you don't have. You have to... budget and stop doing the things that got you to where you are now. Relationships grow when you realize it is not all about you and how you feel. And you dreams grow when you take them out of your current situation and give them space to develop.

A lot of us are so used to fitting the things around us into our comfort zone that we don't even realize we are doing it any more. We just look at the situation and figure out how to chop it down to fit where I am. When we do that we don't give it any chance to grow and develop. When we put it in our comfort zone we stop it from doing anything that will make us uncomfortable. The problem with that is that in order for it to grow we have to become uncomfortable. Dreams are not supposed to get to a level and then stop growing, they are to continue to grow. The only thing that stops them from doing that is us. A simple and world known example of this is Amazon. Amazon was an online books store. That is were they started. What if Jeff Bezos decided that was it, just books? He would have never gotten to where he is now and guess what? He's not done yet. He is still developing more things and buying companies that allows him to expand his reach.

What are you doing with your dream? Are you stunting its growth by saying to yourself that I will only let it grow to this size because this is where I feel comfortable? Or are you willing to get uncomfortable and allow your dream to grow and be all that you really want it to be. We have to stop dreaming within our comfort zone. As I said at the beginning, the comfort zone is good for some things but your personal, spiritual, financial, relational, business and any other area of your life should not be in there. Those things should never stay the same size. They should continue to grow throughout your life. Move out the way and let them.

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