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Don't Let Success Stop Your Progress

I think it is a great thing when we accomplish a goal whether it is large or small. We want to celebrate that accomplishment because it is deserved. However, not for too long. Don’t get so caught up in celebrating what you accomplished that you forget that it is just one step. Don’t get comfortable in that place of accomplishment. What we have to do is take accomplishment and reset our bar. Reset our level of expectation of ourselves. Now, where we are, becomes our base. This is where we are starting from now on. No matter what we do, we can never allow ourselves to go back further than our last accomplishment. We build off of that accomplishment. We don’t just sit on that accomplishment and think we made. We will stunt our growth more than anyone else ever can. I heard someone say and read that Success breeds complacency and complacency leads to failure and unrealize potential and growth. We cannot sit still.

Anything that we see in the world was built and is currently being built on previous accomplishments. The best examples are things within the consumer industry. Once they have a product and it is released to the public, they are already working on ways to improve it. Look at your phones, or TVs or appliances or even your cars. New models are released every year with some type of teak to it, major or minor. Even if it isn't an upgrade to the current one, a new model may be based on the design of an existing model.

That is how they come up with "new" models. They decide that it is time to retire the old model and do something new. Continuous progress. That needs to be our mindset, continuous progress. Never think that there is nothing that you can't improve on. Even if you you at the top of your industry, you still have to work to stay there. Once again, look at the consumer market. Ford, Nike and P&G don't stay at the top of their industries by being complacent. They continuously improve. If they have to do that and they are at the top, why do you think you don't have to?

What I am trying to tell you in all of this is, that progress and growth are continuous. Don’t stop just because you reached a certain level. But how do you keep pushing yourself even after your accomplishment? As Les Brown likes to say, “You got to be Hungry”. In other words, no matter what you accomplish it is not enough, you want more. You know you can do more or better and that keeps you going. You may also look at it from your "Why" perspective. What is the reason you do what you do? Is your family the motivation? You tell yourself, where I am is not enough for my family, I have to do more. They deserve more. Is it self fulfillment, proving to yourself you can do it. Is it money? Be careful with this one. Money may get you motivated but it isn't the best thing to keep you motivated. Whatever you "Why" is use it to push you past your complacency. You should never come to a point where you feel you have reached the highest level. There is always more.

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