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Changing a Negative Mindset

Why is a negative mindset easier to spread than a positive one? Why is it that people would rather give you a negative answer and a truthful one? Why do we hold on to negative thoughts and memories tighter than we do positive ones? Why do negative things get more attention than positive things? Negative, Negative, Negative...we must love it.

The problem with a negative mindset is that we are foolish enough to think that we are going to get positive results by filling our minds and hearts with negative things. And by surrounding ourselves with negative people who promote your negative ways. We have all heard the saying "Misery Loves Company". That couldn't be more true. You will have people call you up just to spread something negative they heard. When was the last time you had someone call you and tell you something good that has happened in their life or someone close to them? Now, when was the last time you had someone call you when things were bad? We celebrate and magnify negative events and/actions. Look at the news, the first 10 minutes is death and destruction but I'm willing to bet it is the most watched part of the news.

Sorry, got off on a tangent there with all the negativity that surrounds us. Now back to the mindset.

As we can see we are constantly beaten over the head with negativity. We have to learn to reject it. The first thing we have to do is change our mind and what we want to receive. When we tell ourselves that we don't want any negativity coming our way it is easier to turn off the TV, block out a negative comment, and even stop answering certain peoples call. When you start rejecting people because they don't bring anything but negativity in your life watch things change. When they tell you things and you normally would jump right in with a comment but now you don't, watch how quickly they stop telling you stuff or even coming around or texting or calling you. You will feel better when you do. You have to let your positivity override the negativity around you. I heard a saying and I repeat it often when it comes to dealing with people. It says, "If you can't change the people around you, change the people around you". Simply put if you can influence the people around you to grow like you are then find a new group of people to be around. You cannot let people hold you back with negative influences.

You also have to let go of negative memories of things that didn't quite work out. Whether it is a relationship or a job or result of trying something different. Don't let them cause you to fear what is in front of you and miss out on your future. Negativity will mess you up and hinder your progress. It will weigh you down and cause you to be less motivated toward anything. Use negative experiences be stepping stones toward bigger and better things. You've experienced, you didn't like it so don't do it again. Stop holding on and let it go.

The last thing I want to mention is the negative speech. Words have power and they can build up and tear down. This is not just towards other people but towards ourselves. We have a habit of when we don't want to do something we say "I can't" when we actually can. The problem with that is that we say it enough times that statement will be your head but not based on your ability. If you don't want to do something just say that instead of putting it out there that you can't. You will begin to believe that. Our words determine our actions. If we have convinced ourselves that we can't do something then we don't really try it because we are already convinced it can't be done. We are defeated before we even start. We have to give ourselves a fighting chance by saying a haven't done it yet but I'll try. Once you have truly attempted it you will absolutely know then but that is because of personal knowledge and experience instead of the negative thoughts about something in your mind.

Change your mindset...BE POSITIVE!!!

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