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Celebrate the Payoff

The last blog I did was "Hard Work Pays Off" which talked about when you are persistent and keep working through all the struggles that come your way, it will payoff. You may not always believe it while you are going through it but once you get through it, you realize it was worth it.

Well, now that you put in the hard work, celebrate the payoff. As I mention in the last blog, my wife and my daughter both put in some hard work and over the past (2) weekends the payoff has been recognized.

My wife graduated with her Masters degree from Mississippi College.

My daughter graduated from Princeton High School.

As you can see I didn't say that I graduated from anything but I am talking about what they have done. The celebration isn't always about you. It is ok to celebrate others victories and that is what this is about. When you seen someone get their "Payoff" and you know what they went through, or even if you don't but you see their payoff, celebrate. At both graduations, do you think that my wife and daughter were the only ones that I said "Congratulations" to? No, I said to others as well because they made it to their payoff too.

So during this time of year of graduations and other things, celebrate even if it is not your payoff. As for me and my house, our celebrations will be going all summer long.

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