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Buried or Planted

We hear people say all they buried with all the stuff they have going. Buried with work, buried with family related things and buried in their thoughts. We don't think too much about what is being said because we just interpret that as them saying that they have a lot going on. However, the more I think about the power of words and how we can speak life or death into our situations, I feel we need to change our terminology.

I have heard several times over the last few weeks, from different speakers, talk about being buried versus being planted. The act of burying or planting something looks exactly the same. You dig a hole and you put something in it and cover it up with the dirt. Now this is where the differences occur. If you are burying something, you put dirt on it, walk away from it and don't worry about it anymore. But, if you are planting something, once you put dirt over top it, you then water it. You check on it, water it some more, add some fertilizer to the ground, make sure nothing comes around and digs it up. In other words, you take care of it because the thing that you put in the ground you are looking for it to become more than when it was put in the ground. You expect growth and fruitfulness..

This is how we need to approach all the things that we are "buried" in. We need to change our thinking from buried to planted. We need to change our expression from buried in something to planted in something. If you really want to throw somebody off, next time someone asked you how you are and you are expressing how busy you are, instead of telling them you buried up to your neck in whatever it is, tell them you are planted up to your neck. It will totally catch them off guard. They may understand or they may be confused. Heck, they may even ask you what does that mean and you can explain that to them.

So, from now on we need to think and speak differently. You are no longer buried in or under anything, you are planted. You bury dead things and you plant things that you expect to grow. You're not dead yet.

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