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Bless the World with You

Bless the World with You is a simple phrase that packs a lot of meaning behind it. Some of us will say that the world is already Blessed with me because I am here. My question then becomes, are you? Who are you Blessing the world with? Is it your authentic self or is someone you think they want you to be or is it someone in between? Only you know that.

You are such an important part of this world that it deserves to see who you really are. We all need to see who you really are. A lot of us have put a side who we really are to fit in, to please others, to not offend others or because some outside force has told you that you are not enough so you try something else. All of those are hindering YOU! They are hindering you from living the life you are suppose to live. They are stopping you from figuring out who you really are and what your true purpose is on this earth. They are stopping you from influencing those around you to be better because they see you being better. There is so much that this world is missing out on just because you have decided not to be you.

Also, don't strive to be like anyone else. I mentioned this in a previous blog and video that there is only one you. Why are you trying to be someone else. Uniqueness is a blessing. I heard on another motivational speech say that if you are trying to be someone else, who is going to be you? It is good to look to others for inspiration but you have to make whatever you are doing your own. If you ask any that is doing well in their field, sports, acting, teaching, plumbing... they will all tell there was someone that they looked to for inspiration. Once again that is fine but done try to be them, be the best you.

You are what is missing from this world... Come on and Bless us with the authentic you.

There is a shirt that I see and will be getting made that says, "Be You, They'll Adjust"

#ReadySetGo #NoMoreExcuses #BeAuthentic

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