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Be Ready for Your Success

When you set out on a trip, do you expect to get to your destination? How do you show that? You decided where you were going to go. You gave yourself a date when you planned on arriving. You made hotel reservations based on that date. You made plans to do different activities while you are there. You even scheduled when you were going to leave. This is how confident you are that you were going to make there. There may have been some detours or obstacles along the way but you still got there. It may not have been in the initial time that you thought but you got there. You may have had to alter some of the plans that you made but you still got there and you knew you would no matter what happen during the journey.

When you write down a vision that you have, do you actually expect it to happen? When you start to work on it, do expect to see it to the end? Do you plan when you expected to accomplish that vision? Do you prepare yourself for reaching the destination by making plans for when you get there? If you do, then why are some of us unprepared when we get what we have been working for? Why is it a surprise to us when we accomplish our goal?

The reason is that we have low expectations. Although we tell ourselves that we expect to succeed, we don't really believe it. Why? Maybe no one around us has ever done something like this? Maybe we have come up with all the reasons that it may not work and not focus on what if it does work. Maybe we are surrounded by people who don't believe in what we are doing. Even worse, maybe we don't really believe in what we are doing.

If this something that we really want and are passionate about, we have press forward no matter what is or isn't happening around us. We have to keep pressing even after the newness has worn off and it is work now. But in doing so, we have to see our vision to the end. We have to think about what we will need once we accomplish our goals. Do I have a name for my company set up, do I need a business account, do I need a special space for what I am doing, do I have the right people in place...

What I am saying is be prepared for your success. Don't let you success sneak up on you. You are working at it, expect it. Don't doubt yourself. If you really think you are going to accomplish it, show your self by getting yourself ready. It will keep you motivated. Just like taking a trip. You know you are going to get there so you have prepared for it. You goal, you know you are going to accomplish it, so prepare for it.

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