Be Encouraged

We are in a time that we have never seen before in our lives. We are being asked to do things that for some of us we don't fully understand. We are being told all kinds of things that make us scared to be around people that are not in our immediate household. If someone leaves home and comes back we want to make sure they didn't don't bring anything home. We have bought up everything we can at the stores that make it hard to find basic necessities. We have pretty much lost our minds. I somewhat understand because these are uncharted waters and we want to make sure that our homes are taken care of but I think some of what I am seeing is too much. How much toilet paper do you really need... I just saw a video of a lady buying out the Dollar Tree of ALL of its toilet paper, paper towels and napkins.... So could not fit it all in the truck and SUV she had and there was no justification for it. This is too much... I agree that we should have some supplies at home and in the world we live in now it's appears that it is every person for themselves. I can tell you that is not the the case for everyone.

Although we have seen video and heard reports of people fighting over supplies and hoarding them so no one else can get some, I also see reports of people reaching and helping others. I see movements happening of people delivering food and supplies to elderly or those that can't get out. I see organizations gathering food and distributing it elderly or less fortunate. I see school districts using the buses to deliver food to the kids that don't have food at home and school was where they got their meals from. I see families checking up on and taking care of each other like never before. I also don't see a lot of organizations asking for money because, although people are getting laid off and not sure when they are going to get back to work, people are happily donating each money or supplies or food so that no one has to do without during this time. I will say that for the most part, people in this country will take care of our elders and children.

I am also a man of faith and I don't believe that God has brought this country this far to leave us. This time is unknown and it is hard to see the positive in this right now but I do. I see our churches actually being able to reach more people with the Word of God because we are being encouraged to stream the service. Anyone can stream and word spreads and more people watch. Church doesn't just happen on Sunday morning it can happen anytime and anywhere. We also realize that we can go back and listen to previous messages and get the Word from them too. I saw a shirt that I loved, and if my sister is reading this, I want one made, it says, "The Church Has Left the Building". This is how we can truly do outreach, through video. We still can't do face to face but we can reach just as many people internet. I am also encourage, because once we get through this, things will never be the same and that includes how we "do church". It is time for the Church to leave the building and do true outreach and not just during a time of crisis but all the time. People need The Word and assistance all the time.

Last thing, I was watching an interview with Jonathan McReynolds, if you haven't noticed he's one of my favorite Gospel Artist right now, but he was talking about how he addresses writing his music and reaching people. He said that he starts with their humanity first then addresses their issues with Christ. In other words before we can truly give them Christ we have to meet their human needs first. Feed them, them give them Christ, comfort them, then give them Christ, clothe them, then give them Christ. If we don't meet their human needs they will never receive the Spiritual. Just like a kid in school. They may be the smartest kid in the class but if their stomach is growling because they haven't eaten since school lunch yesterday, then they will not receive what you are telling them because they are focused on lunch. We have to change our focus.

God Bless and be smart and be safe.

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