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I am Michael Wimberly and my purpose is to inspire people of all ages to do what we know we should be doing and overcome the procrastination, fear and other things that hinder us from progressing past where we are now.

I have personally been uplifting people for the majority of my life.  Throughout my life I have had many opportunities to speak with individuals or groups of people to encouraged them to pursue dreams and goals that they have laid out for themselves and in some instances assisted. I truly love seeing others overcome their hurdles and reach their dreams. Unfortunately for me this was more of a "Do as I say, not as I do" because as I was encouraging others to pursue their dreams I was sitting on mine.  It is always easier to tell others what they need to do but to tell yourself  and then doing it is another thing.  That is where this comes from.  No more talking, time to truly do something.


In my professional career I have been a professional instructor for over 20 years and have taught classes in many industries with people of all skill levels and management levels. Speaking in front of people, helping them understand the material and encouraging them is part of my job.  I try to help them see that there is no obstacle too large that we can overcome.  I encourage them that learning something new is a good thing and help them get over the fear of learning the new thing.

Personally I have been involved with youth since I was a youth.  Encouraging youth to look beyond where they currently are and thinking outside the box is big for me.  I love to see them understand that there is more out there for them.  This is a huge passion of mine.  I see too many of our young people discouraged too easily.  I encourage them by talking though the situation with them and helping them to see that it isn't as bad as they think it is.

Part of working with youth and adults comes from church.  I have been involved in youth ministry since I was a youth myself.  I was a youth in participating in youth activities then became a youth leader and eventually a Youth Director for a few years.  I have held many youth focused events such as Round Table Discussions, Youth Conferences, Youth Lock In and taught Youth Bible Study. I truly love working with youth in any capacity but helping their spiritual growth is very rewarding.

So for me, there is not a group of people or atmosphere that I feel that I cannot make an impact with.  God has given me the ability to comfortably speak in front of people, listen to people, understand what is going on and give words of encouragement and direction where needed.  I don't feel that He has given me these skills to just sit on them.  I have to use them to build people up.

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